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WHY - Wally Hermès Yacht

The WHY yacht is a concept yacht dedicatedly to bringing luxury living to the sea. The yacht is contained in a triangle shaped hull measuring 58 x 38 meters. Aside from the 25 meter long seawater pool on the bow, the boat creates a completely flat water surface behind it, similar to an Olympic-size pool where boarders can swim in peace. The boat is powered by a diesel electric engine and a central computer manages the different sources of energy. 900 square meters of photovoltaic surface panel generates a part of the energy that is required to subsist the boat.

Approx Price, 148 million to build.

We will take two! ;o) ... Do you think they take PayPal?

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Musical Wood Plays Cantata 147

The video is an ad for Touch Wood SH-08C handsets. Designed by Kenjiro Matsuo, this staircase of wood lets gravity play Cantata 147 by Johann Sebastian Bach. The xylophone wood was from already fallen trees. No artificial music was added whatsoever, with only the background levels being adjusted up for effect.

Angle: 12 degrees. Xylophone bars: 413. Length: 144 feet (44 m). Prototypes: 24. Takes: 49.

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Touch Wood

Bubble-Smith Sterling Johnson on Stinson Beach, California.

We want one of these!

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Ever Seen A Cook Book Without Instructions.

140 page coffee-table baking book presented in a spectacular way. The makers of "HOMEMADE IS BEST" were inspired by high fashion and japanese minimalism.

Nice Idea, Take a quick look inside.

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National Geographics amazing embryonic animal photographs, use a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the conception of birth.

These are the most detailed embryonic animal pictures ever seen.

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Can't find him? Mouse around the picture.

This is a picture from the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge, Canada November 1940.
Is this a time traveller caught on camera in 1940. The man seems so out of place, wearing a stamped T-shirt, sweater, sunglasses, all the while holding a portable compact camera!

Conclusion: The man's clothes, glasses and camera were all available in 1940.

Oh well, back to UFO's.

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Baking Book

Animals In The Womb

Big Bubbles No Troubles

Time Traveler